Network management made simple.

Available on macOS, iOS and Android

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Smart.board (Mac App Store) Network Management (App Store) Subscriber (Google Play) Subscriber App

Real-time network visibility

Shorten the duration of support calls and elevate the conversation with customers.

Instead of complaining, they get real-time insight into their network and are ready to talk about upgrading.

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Reduce the noise and clutter

MikroTik (and 3rd party) network devices in one place with smart.board, one-stop network management solution

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Health Check

Get more in-depth information about what’s really going on.  Health check helps you diagnose and treat sick networks

Includes stats on Packet Loss, MTU, Jitter, Congestions
Speed tests (capacity tests), Intensive Care.

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Customer App

Give customers the tools to view their network activity, troubleshoot on their own and communicate data limits.

Reduce the number of support calls and truck rolls

Increase the value of your offering to customers

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Task Manager

Grow your Mikrotik devices with no limits, configure once, deploy to thousands. Test configuration on subgroups and schedule tasks. Manage script versions.

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Geo Mapping

Available in Summer 2020

View your networks on a map to quickly and visually identify
and narrow down troubled areas. For WISPs, automatically link
subscribers to sectors, color code and visualize multiple sectors.

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Founded by a group of technologists with deep experience launching and scaling ISPs and WISPs, will change the way consumers and ISPs manage and interact with their networks.

Our patent-pending platform and services will bridge the gap between the ever expanding bandwidth and low-latency expectations of consumers with the realities and delays inherent in consumer broadband deployment.

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More Features

Network Management

Data Cap tracking and notification

Track customer usage and get notified if they exceed their data limit

Router Details

IP, Serial number, Status, RouterOS, Time-zone, CRM number, ISP Plan and more

Utilization history graph

Look back in time at network utilization to identify trends

Speed Test

Detailed results visually articulate the impact of utilization on the total available bandwidth

Speed Test History

View a history of speed test results to reveal patterns

Configuration Script Library

Manage and maintain all your configuration scripts in one place.

Router Replacement

Seamlessly replace old routers with new without losing any historical network data

Traffic Classification

See the services running on a network (i.e. Netflix, YouTube)

Subscriber and Admin Management

Subscriber Management

Create, edit and delete subscriber accounts for your customers. Link subscriber accounts to one or more smart networks


Enable/disable customer app features including device shaping, speed test and weekly email

Messages and notifications

Weekly customer network usage summary emails

View only accounts

Agent accounts that can view but the smart.board and cannot edit or make changes

Administrator accounts

Agents account with full access to edit and manage subscriber network accounts


ISP Plans

ISP plan inventory: add, edit, duplicate and delete service plans

CRM integration

Agent account can span between multiple organizations and systems

Multiple organization and system accounts

Agent account can span between multiple organizations and systems


In the smart.board and customer app

Double nat deployment app

Solution for smarting networks with a double nat configuration