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Founded by a group of technologists with deep experience launching and scaling ISPs and WISPs, will change the way consumers and ISPs manage and interact with their networks.

Our patent-pending platform and services will bridge the gap between the ever expanding bandwidth and low-latency expectations of consumers with the realities and delays inherent in consumer broadband deployment.

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Customer App

Give customers the tools to view their network activity, troubleshoot on their own and communicate data limits.

Reduce the number of support calls and truck rolls

Increase the value of your offering to customers (App Store) Subscriber (Google Play) Subscriber App

Real-time network visibility

Shorten the duration of support calls and elevate the conversation with customers.

Instead of complaining, they get real-time insight into their network and are ready to talk about upgrading.

Smart.board (Mac App Store) Network Management App

Meet the team™ began as an in-house project for the folks at Valley Internet,
a small internet service provider in rural Northern California.

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